About me

If you are an MPhil student in Cambridge and would like to work on AI for Maths, look at this project I am co-supervising on: Few-shot mathematical reasoning with retrieved analogies. Raven account is required.

I am currently (July - October 2022) on a research placement, working with Guillaume Lample!

I am a PhD student at the Cambridge Computer Lab, supervised by Professor Mateja Jamnik. I also work closely with Yuhuai Wu and Wenda Li.

I study abstract mathematical reasoning (with machine learning). It’s the interesting part of mathematics.

I go by Albert. You can also call me 乔楚 (Qiaochu). (They look very different, but a name is nothing more than a lambda variable)

I am grateful to Peterhouse Cambridge, who sponsored my PhD with a studentship. There were two Peterhouse graduate studentships given out in my year, one for the sciences and one for the arts! I was very fortunate to have been supported by the Jardine Foundation for my MSc degree, and Vector Institute for a grant to support my research internship in Toronto.

You can find my CV here.


qj213 AT cam DOT ac DOT uk

Resources I referenced for writing the PhD application research proposal

  1. This section of Sharon Goldwater’s homepage.
  2. Cody Coleman’s research statement for his Open Phil AI Fellowship.